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Sectional Door (Industrial Door)

Automatic Industrial Door

Sectional doors, large production areas, hangars, factories are also used as the most important and continuously operating unit. Industrial type sectional doors ensure the traffic, thermal insulation and safety of the area. Depending on the shape of the area, it is manufactured and assembled with various bearing applications.

Industrial Sectional Doors are vertical swing gates built using multi-panel sections constructed to withstand intensive use by using double-skinned steel foam-filled panels. Powerful, versatile, safe and thermally efficient, sectional doors are the ideal door solution for most industrial and commercial buildings.


Technicial Specifications

Doors can be operated with manual motor and control systems or manual, pulley system. Panels with 42 mm thick hair and polyurethane filling are fire resistant. Thanks to the special gaskets used in the door environment, the insulation is high.

Easy to Install,

• Heat and sound emission is high,

• Noiseless operation,

• Opens and closes with little power,

• Opening the door does not provide space loss,

• Provides the opportunity to work according to the structure of the building,

• The net opening of the door is fully used,

• Parts are easy to change,

• Window systems are opened to illuminate the working environment,

• Panel door, service door is installed and staff entry is provided.

Radar sensor: Automatically opens the door when it detects any moving object. This system can be made as single and double sided (inside and outside).
Metal Mass sensor: It is meant to detect only metal, usually in the passage of fort lift and similar vehicles, allowing the driver to switch without experiencing any distraction and speed. This system can be made as single and double sided (inside and outside).
Remote control: Up to 50 meters from the remote control can be controlled by the control of the door.
Rope switch system: Thanks to the rope placed approximately 2 meters away from the door, the driver can approach the rope swich system and open the door. After closing the door, the automatic door closes.
Standard control unit: The door can be assembled with a panel consisting of an open button and an emergency button.
Security: The safety photocell that we provide in the standard is a system that connects to each other by using infrared light. When the door is closed, it detects the object underneath and takes the door to the open position without hitting the object.