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High Speed (Fast) PVC Door Turkey

Automatic Industrial Door

Upgate can offer a wide range of Fast PVC (Canvas) Doors in a variety of configurations to meet any customer requirement. Standard Fast PVC Doors can be installed internally in any building, allowing quick access and re-closing of the rooms. The speed of standard doors can be up to 3m / s, The full-view transparent field is standard and all safety equipment is supplied as standard safety edge and photocells. All products can be connected to microwave motion sensor, inductive loops, pull cords and remote controls.

Hızlı PVC Kapı Özellikleri

They are resistant to impact, they do not get damaged when hit. In other words, they prevent you from dealing with extra jobs and taking extra costs in case of accidents that may occur while making your shipments.

Thanks to the auto-shut-off motors, they do not remain open unnecessarily or are not delayed. Since the safety photocell stops any object when it is detected, they ensure the safety of your employees and the goods you ship. They had manual operation, with or without remote control.

It requires little maintenance. The low-speed running motors can run smoothly even if they are not lubricated for years.
With the mechanical locks on the automatic doors or with the optional electronic locks, you can easily secure the warehouses or other areas where automatic doors are used. They can be opened and closed in a different way, fast PVC doors, folding and rolling into the system as they are working around people or other materials without disturbing, opening and closing the floor. Your loading and unloading speed can be adjusted according to the traffic of the space where the door is used, the opening and closing speed. In difficult and variable weather conditions, these conditions can be studied with minimum effect. Reducing time wastage, preventing heat losses, minimizing air currents, preventing image pollution and noise can be shown as the benefits of fast PVC doors. It is known that various features that extend the life span and seal are used as the standard for the fast PVC door, and some additions can be made to strengthen these properties. They can perfectly adapt to the environmental conditions of the area in which they are used. It is possible to adjust the dimensions according to the area where they will be used and to choose their colors to be compatible with the colors applied in the area they are used in, thus allowing the fast PVC doors with maximum ease of use and safety to contribute positively to the appearance of the space.