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Full View Automatic Door

Automatic Industrial Door

The full-view sectional doors are durable and long-lasting doors that are manufactured to provide the fastest and safest way to provide automobile sales offices and factory entry exits, where today's modern enterprises are especially the leading.

Full Vision Door Features

Door Panel Features

Aluminum finished, double wall 40 mm thick.
It has construction that prevents finger compression.
Window sections consist of light-permeable boards mounted in special aluminum profiles
The aluminum profiles forming the frame have ISO 9001 quality certificate.
Sections 61 cm. in height. Reviews Aluminum profiles are 100 × 40, 50 × 40, 55 × 40, 147 × 40 mm 1.5 mm thick
Aluminum profiles are natural anodized as standard.
Transparent sheets made of single glazing or heat glass (3 + 14 + 3 mm) made of plain glass or frosted glass or acrylic | material. Pressure glass should be balanced. Mounted door insulation U = 1.0 W / m2K
Acoustic insulation of panels R = 25dB
Wind resistance of the door (Class3) 700 N / m2 (103-117 km / h)

Door rails are made of galvanized steel. It has gaskets that are resistant to ozone abrasion. Seals prevent dust and air leakage. In this way, full protection and insulation against rain and wind on the sides, bottom and top. The doors are balanced with torsion springs. This allows you to easily switch on and off manually without the need for a motor. Spring System Standard 20.000 is suitable for opening / closing.

Rope Break Safety system; In case of a rope break in the operation phase of the door, it prevents the panels from falling down.
Spring Break Safety System; In case of breaking the spring system of the door if the spring system breaks down the door to prevent the panels from falling.
Bottom Stall Safety System; Electronic Opto Sensor detects any object that touches the bottom seal and opens up again.
Manufactured according to European standard 13241-1.

Width 600 mm, Height up to 6000 mm.
With Integrated Lower Threshold or Lower Threshold Personnel Door Width 5000 mm, Height 5000 mm