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Turkey's Automatic Door Brand

Automatic Door Turkey

Automatic Door is the most widely used product types such as Photocell Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, and other inputs and outputs are also used. Control of pedestrian traffic,   provides safety, air flow control, comfort and convenience.

The Photocell Doors that we produce with UPGATE brand provide many optional features according to the purpose of use. If desired, you can tailor it to your own wishes. Our doors are used in Turkey and Abroad International accredited project successfully passed the 1 Million Expansion of TS-EN 16005 test. Warranty, spare parts and after sales Turkey with all the technical support service and preferred in the international arena, which is a product brand awareness.

General Information
Photocell Doors, We offer aesthetic and innovative solutions with special profile system according to the architectural images of the spaces. It can be assembled according to the needs of the area. The opening and closing system can be produced with radial, sensor, hand sensor or controlled and we produce optional solutions. Glass applications of our doors are available as optional, laminated, tampered, frosted glass and colored glass.

Automatic Door Turkey


It is the type of door used in your buildings where the entrances and exits are intense. Input-output control, areas where pedestrian traffic should be comfortable; building entrances, hospitals, shops, Shopping Centers, Factories, Enterprises etc. often used.

Automatic Door Turkey


The telescopic doors are opened in one or two directions on the wall / fixed profile. In the restricted transition areas, one-way two-way or two-way openings provide solution areas.


Technicial Specifications

Micropressor unit
Automatic opening shutdown
Waiting times for automatic shutdown (0-60 sec)
Microwave or infared radar sensor deployment
Safety Photocell
Pushbutton control
120-450 kg door weight bearing capacity
Up to 3000mm clear entrance opening
1.4 m / s double leaf opening speed / 1.4 m
Manual operation in case of emergency (manual opening)
Special profile, roving and brush system that protects the environment from dust and other external factors.

Electronic Lock
"Panic Output system" for sliding straight side
Battery that makes the door accustomed to power cuts
Color alternatives
Different glass options
All access control options