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Automatic Shutter Turkey

Automatic Door Turkey

Shutters are manufactured in any size, specification and color to suit almost any application.

Solid steel or aluminum roller shutters are used with optional insulation. These products are used for industry, commerce, schools, universities, hospitals, entrance gates and services. An important consideration is also used for security.

Types and Features

Aluminum Shutters

UpStor Aluminum Shutters are advantageous for consumers with high quality 77mm, 80mm and 100mm wide coverslips and other products. Aluminum Shutter Systems: • Polyurethane filled aluminum shutter systems,
• Extruded aluminum rolling shutters,
• Steel roller shutter with polyurethane filling,
• Remote Control
• Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted Switches
• Geared Tube Motor, Straight Tube Motor or Industrial Roller Motor
• Manual Opening of Power Failures
• Safety Photocell
• Uninterruptible power supply

Automatic Steel Shutters offer the highest level of durability and safety. It is made entirely of galvanized steel including insulated models and special production models. It has a wide range of applications from security shutters to industrial doors on the shop front.  
It can also be produced with full view and window.