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Hermetic Door

Hermetic Door (Hospital Door)

Hermetic Doors that we have produced with our R & D studies have been successfully passed through the Tightness Tests in the Test Labs of the Accredited Test. Hermetic Doors are used in hospital operating rooms where hygiene and air flow are vital.

Hermetic door systems mean leakproof doors and must be high level of air insulation; operating room, laboratory, x-ray rooms, cold air rooms are used in such areas. The degree of sealing of the media varies and the hermetic doors are produced according to such factors. The degree of sealing of the cold air chamber with the need of the x-ray chamber is not one. For this reason, every hermetic door does not see your need. Suitable models and production are required.

General Features

The hermetic door features used in areas such as UV radiators and X-ray rooms, external operating rooms and medical laboratories are as follows;
High level of sealing (air and heat insulation)
Water and Homogeneous unaffected.
Doors are resistant to acid, cleaner, etc.
Door panels and wings are resistant to impact and scratches.
Does not lose property
Hygienic products such as hand sensor, knee-elbow button, password panel used in pedestrian traffic