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90 Degree Opening Door

Automatic Door Turkey

90 degree automatic door applications, from standard room doors to 90 degree building entrance doors, are wing type circular door automation systems with many applications. It is a product that has been subjected to various tests that meet international standards and is produced with high quality materials. With its silent running automation system and compact structure, its stylish design with stainless steel body provides ease of application.


General Information

The system, which can be mounted to all circular opening doors with suitable apparatus, is provided with the arms which provide the connection between the motor unit and the wing; It offers a very rich application type such as pull, push or parallel pull handle. With the accessory options, it is possible to install the automation in every suitable area, in the opening direction of the door leaf or on the opposite beam, frame or wall. 90 degree door automation, on the door leaf wall, beams or in the absence of a safe enough height, this type of automation system can be installed on the existing wing can be applied.

90 degree door systems prevent the door from unauthorized opening of the door. Reviews Motor options are available for various door weights. Reviews In addition to this type of automation, it is possible to control the opening and closing by including sensor, radar, hand sensor and control. Reviews Thanks to the detection system in the automation system, the situations such as impact or impingement in the pedestrian traffic have been eliminated.