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Moving Glass Trimmer Systems

Automatic Door Turkey

Movable Handrail / Glass Guillotine areas, cafes, restaurants and residences. When the application is closed, the interior is air and waterproof. The system motor allows movement with the receiver and control control.

The windows can be fixed at the railing level when the application is started and fully opened. The application system can be used in two or three stages. The application is determined by the maximum width levels. The glasses used are tamper-resistant and insulating glass.


Technicial Specifications

Movable glass handrails provide thermal insulation.
Maximum insulation is provided by high quality heat glass profiles. Reviews It also provides sound insulation. Reviews Special design stainless steel profiles are used in moving glass guillotine applications. This ensures long life. Reviews The steel carriers used in the handrail system are of high security. Reviews With its product design, it provides extra quality to your aesthetic appearance.
The system can be controlled by control and can be stopped at the desired level.