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Automatic Steel Shutter Roller

Automatic Industrial Door

Steel convex interlocking galvanized steel lamellae ... Traditional multi-purpose steel shutters for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. It works with economical, strong, long-lasting, easy-to-repair and simple push-button. Increased features include paint colors, stainless, automatic and high-speed operation, up to a maximum of 10m x 10m.

Large Type Industrial Steel Shutter Features

Usage areas

Factories Reviews Production lines
Storage / Distribution Repositories
Laboratories Reviews Chemical Production Plants
Power stations
Industrial Buildings

Optional wind lock guides for wind resistance class 5
Three Phase Heavy Duty Motor for Operation
Single-phase for smaller dimensions
Safedrive or Safety Brake fall prevention according to the machine directive 2008.
Powerful, secure and reliable
Very good wind resistance.
Dimensions up to 10m (depending on location)
Selection of operators, including pushbutton, safety switch switch or automatic control.
Optional Plastisol coated or Powder coating
Optional hood and bonnet covers and bonnet covers
Optional ATEX compliance