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Insulated Automatic Steel Shutter

Stone Wool Filled Heat and Fire Insulated Double Wall Shutter

Insulation and energy saving are indispensable in today's modern environment. UpFire provides the desired insulation and insulation with the profiles with the recommended double-walled insulation filler material area. Upfire Double Wall Shutters; Available in various profile sizes in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

UpFire ® industrial fire shutters can be used as an alternative to sectional doors and, in addition, provide fire resistance.

Industrial Double Walled shutters prevent the fire from being displaced in the transition areas at the time of fire, and provide insulation and insulation. 10m x 10m maximum standard size can be produced. Special production and drawings can be made for different sizes.


Reduced Energy Costs
Enhanced Work Environment
Temperature control
Improved Productivity
Security Reviews Noise Reduction
Protection of chilled areas
Fire Resistance
Ease of Access
Low Maintenance

Feature and Options

Three Phase Heavy Duty Motor for Operation
Safedrive or Safety Brake fall prevention according to the machine directive 2008.
Powerful, secure and reliable
Acoustic and insulation properties
Large sizes available
Selection of operators, including pushbutton, safety switch switch or automatic control.
Optional Plastisol coated or Powder coating
Optional hood and bonnet covers and bonnet covers
Optional ATEX compatibility
Optional Fire rating available