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Automatic Window Blinds

Automatic Door Turkey

UpStor ®, a CA Automation brand For residential solutions, it offers a clean and compact security solution for doors, windows, courtyards and many other places.

417/5000 Automatic Shutters are ideal for any vacant and full places such as holidays and resident homes by locating houses and offering an obstacle to intruders. It is also an important component to create a safe space at home; they can be used to cut a specified area from the rest of the space. Made of aluminum, suitable for any area including coastal areas.


  • Special aluminum shutters for doors and windows.
  • Engine options include solar power, manual over-driving, battery backup.
  • Super-speed motor option.
  • Obstacle sensors options.
  • "Smart home" can be connected to automation systems.
  • It can be retro-mounted or fully integrated into the design of a new building.
  • With advanced planning, the engine can be stored in a wall or ceiling space.
  • Includes controls, wall-mounted panel, hand-held remote control and key fobs.
  • A clean, compact shutter can be embedded in the wall or ceiling cavity depending on the location.
  • Shutter slat styles.
  • Can help with internal temperature control and sound insulation
  • Provides excellent security in the locking position.
  • Faulty workmanship is guaranteed against material and corrosion.
  • Options

    55 mm Roller Blinds

    This product range is made of 55 mm x 1.2 mm structural grade aluminum and is only extruded from a double-walled lamella. Curtains consist of solid slats, which allow ventilation and light, providing an option for ventilation.

    This product range is made of 40 mm x 1 mm structural grade aluminum and extruded from double or single wall lamellae. Curtains may be solid, ventilated or perforated, or a combination of both. Your choice will depend on whether you need ventilation, visibility and / or light in the blinds.

    UpStor series aluminum shutters can be used both manually and motor. It works with Italian motors, remote control, switches and / or sensors.