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Automatic Revolving Door Turkey

Automatic Door Turkey

Automatic Revolving Door applications are used for relieving and controlling pedestrian traffic in places where entry and exit pedestrian traffic is high. According to the aesthetic appearance of the building and more functionality can be produced door systems. In order to control the pedestrian safety in the automatic door systems, the door is stopped when the pneumatic hand is shaken.

Automatic revolving doors, your buildings provide an aesthetically elegant appearance, providing high insulation against heat traffic, noise, dust, energy saving and external factors. Automatic doors, according to the shape and architectural drawings / colors of the fixed parts of the side wall metal coatings, wood applications and RAL color can be painted according to the possibility. With the use of radar, automatic revolving doors are acted upon by reverse signaling of manual revolving doors and are doors that are covered with high level of safety.


Technicial Specifications

Upgate revolving door possesses ISO 9001, TUV and CE international quality certificates, including materials used in manufacturing, having international features. Reviews The profile system of the applications can be made with three blades or four blades.
Thanks to the brushes applied to all profiles of Automatic Revolving Doors, the components are not scratched and dust is prevented from entering. The application moves easily with the bearing bearings located in the lower hive at a certain height. In this way, it does not suffer from external factors affecting the time. (Water, Dust, Dirt, etc.)
Upgate Revolving Doors are specially manufactured for high pedestrian traffic and operating frequency. Upgate Revolving Doors are available in RAL color and can be produced anodized.
System automation, by means of the radar detection system, detects live or non-living materials and activates the door and stops at the first original point when the rotation is finished. The windows of the wings and the side parts (curved glasses) can be produced as transparent laminated glass. Reviews Thanks to the aluminum plate coating in the upper part, it can be opened as required and the automation mechanism part can be intervened as desired. Reviews Applications have mechanical locking system
Automatic Revolving Doors have a slow passage system for elderly and disabled pedestrian traffic. For emergency situations, the emergency button can immediately stop the door and manually rotate the door wings by pushing. Electronic safety systems (4 heel sensors and 2 edge column sensors) It can also be used manually during power outages.
There are halogen lighting lamps inside the door.

Consists of three flat fins and circular side constants in the center console, connected to a shaft or rotating with the console. The transition width is less and the inner space is larger. They can be produced with break-out.

Consists of four flat fins and circular side constants in the center console, connected to a shaft or rotating with the console. Transition width is more narrow inside doors. They can be produced with break-out.